Product Review Information

I welcome product reviews as well as advertising.

Review information:
* Contact me stacyandgreg (at) hotmail (dot) com
* I will review and feature your product or service on Busy Mommy Product Review.
* I am happy to do a review of your website, if you do not want to submit a sample. However, it does allow me to provide a more comprehensive review of your site if I have a sample of your product to review.
* Samples are not returned.
* I encourage you to sponsor a giveaway of at least one of the products up for review.
* There is no charge for reviews.
* All participants will be required to visit your site.

For a product giveaway:
* I will host your product/service giveaway on Busy Mommy Product Review and collect the entries.
* I will submit the giveaway to other blog contest websites that offer free submissions.
* There is no charge for us to host a product or service giveaway.
* All giveaways will run for a minimum of one week with a link in my sticky post.
* All participants will be required to visit your site.
* Once the winner is randomly selected, I will email you their contact info and you should make arrangements with them to distribute their prize.
* Send me a link and a brief description of your website by emailing me at stacyandgreg (at) hotmail (dot) com
* Include the name/link of the item you’d like to give away or the monetary amount of a gift certificate.
* Would you like to open up the giveaway to anyone world-wide or just to US addresses?

If you need more info or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.