Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bella Tote- Attractive Reusable Totes

I purchased this tote from Bella Tote a month or so ago. It turns out that the maker of these totes, Erin, lives near me. And she dropped the tote off about an hour or so after I bought it. I absolutely love it and I use it all the time. When I have to take packages to the post office. Sometimes I use it to carry some of Sara's toys to my mom's. It holds up well to constant use and washing.

I just got the following message from Erin:
I'd also like to offer your readers a 10% discount on the purchase of any Bella Tote or Bella Tote set (only off the tote, not the shipping and handling). The code will be... (drumroll, please!)... "tututen" (cute, huh?!), discount valid through 7/31/08.

So head on over there and pick some up today!

Appearance- 5
Customer Service-5+
Cost- 5

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Kim said...

Now, THAT is customer service!