Sunday, July 6, 2008

Give me your best timesaver tips!

On of the social networks that I post on is Skwiggazine. Pretty cool place. There is a blog-ring that I am part of and each week, I will be posting about a different member.
This week is Stacy (cool name! LOL) from Paper, Rock, Scissors. Stacy is a SAHM mom and her blog is just fun. She is getting married really soon (like days from now). And reading about her preparation reminds me of getting ready for my wedding. Talk about a crazy time! But so fun! Looking back the one think that I wish I had done differently was to be more organized. And thinking about it now, that is actually something that I am still working on.
So in honor of Stacy and her wedding, I was hoping that you all could give me your best timesaver tips. And actually throw in your best organizational tips as well. And who knows...the best tip may win a prize.

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Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Delagate and then let it go to the best extent possible.

Of course it will have to be someone you can trust, who knows you well, and if they need extra hands that delagated, trustworthly, friend can delegate smaller or single tasks.