Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gloves in a Bottle- Moisture the way nature intended

I am not a big fan of lotions, sometimes they smell weird, sometimes they feel weird on my skin. It is a problem for me since my hands are dry but I just deal with it.

So when I was given the opportunity to review Gloves in a Bottle lately, I took it, but was a little nervous about it. I mean, what if I didn't like it? So when I received the box with the lotion it is, I must admit that I put off opening it up for a day or so.

I finally opened it up and took a little sniff (because if I did not like the smell, I was not even going to put it on)...very faint pleasant scent...so far so good. I then put a drop onto my hand to feel the consistency and see if I had a reaction or not...nice and creamy...still going well. I then rubbed it around on my hands. Oh my gosh! I love it. I honestly can not believe that I even like it, much less love it! I have been using it a few times a day for a couple days now and it just makes my hands feel so nice and soft.

Gloves in a Bottle is a skin shielding lotion. This means that the lotion bonds to the outer layers of your skin to protect it from harmful irritants and to keep your own moisture in. For best results, you are supposed to apply the lotion every 4 hours. I have to admit that I am not apply it that often but am still seeing the results.

Gloves in a bottle keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Appearance- 5
Customer Service-5
Cost- 4
Quality- 5

Stay tuned, we are going to have a giveaway of Gloves in a Bottle next week!

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Gina said...

I got to try this a while back, I love it as well..