Friday, September 19, 2008

Libby's Vegetables- Get Back to the Table

Did you know that September is Get Back to the Table month? I had no idea until Mom Central was looking for participants in this blog tour. I signed up immediately because as a busy mommy, this is something really important to me. Hubby and I are both on the run all the time. We both work full-time, and I also run Sara Rose Tutus.

We decided way before Sara was even an idea in our minds that we would eat dinner as a family every night. Whoever got home first would cook a nice healthy dinner and then we would eat. Of course, when we had Sara the reality was a little different. By the time I get home and Hubby gets home, we are both exhausted! I know the last thing that I want to do is to make a nice dinner. So I will be honest and say that it does not happen every night like we wanted it to. But we do try our hardest to make it happen as often as possible.

Libby's has created a whole website about the importance of family mealtimes and full of helpful suggestions about how to get back to the table. My personal favorite is the Seven Day Family Dinner Planner, that is exactly the type of thing that I need.

I received samples of canned corn, peas, green beans and mixed veggies to try out. They were really good. And I will say that it did help me to make a balanced meal having the vegetables in my pantry. I do love fresh vegetables, but it looks like the reality for us is that it makes more sense for me to have canned ones on hand.

Thanks so much to Mom Central for reminding me of the importance of family meals.

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