Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lincoln Park Studio: Fine Art, Custom and Off The Shelf

I love being able to promote local businesses, and have been lucky enough to be in contact with Dare from Lincoln Park Studio. Lincoln Park Studio is Dare (painter) & Mark (photographer) Wenzler. They are a husband and wife team and live with their young daughter in Washington DC’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Here is a family portrait that she did.

Dare creates custom paintings from people's family snapshots. How cool is that! It is a great opportunity for "regular" people to commission a painted portrait without spending a fortune. The portraits are normally large, 2' x 3' and up, and make quite showstopping paintings for just a few hundred dollars.

Not surprisingly, the paintings are very popular with parents to make children's portraits. They also make a great grandparent or family gift. Also popular are pets, houses, and weddings.

Head on over to her site now to see what she can do for you.

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