Monday, October 6, 2008

Sesame Street Knex- Elmo

We LOVE elmo in our house. Sara has tons of Elmo toys, stuffed animals, books, an Elmo nightlight. So we were thrilled when we recieved a KNEX Elmo building set from Team Mom to review.

We got Elmo and his piano building set.

At first I was worried that Sara was a little too young since it says 2+ and she is 17 months old. But she LOVED it. We took it out to play the first day and I would build Elmo and his piano and she would pull it apart and laugh hysterically. Like it was the funniest thing. Ever.

We did that for a couple days and she started to try to put the pieces together herself. It was really cool to be able to see her figure out how to connect things. She can't connect Elmo like she wants to, so we are working on that. But she is able to stack the blocks for the piano. She likes it so much that we brought it to my mom's (my mom watches her during the day while we work). It has been a few weeks and she is still playing with it all the time.

The package includes 47 pieces that you can use to build Elmo, his piano, Dorothy (his goldfish), or anything else you want. It also came with some "Play & Learn" activity cards that have fun interactive ideas for parents and kids. One side has alternate building ideas and the other is fun facts and activity suggestions.

In addition to Elmo, there is also Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Grover, and Abby Cadabby. I am pretty sure we are getting Sara the Abby Cadabby Knex set for the holidays.

Thanks to Team Mom for the opportunity to review this awesome toy.

Appearance- 5
Customer Service-5
Cost- 5
Quality- 5

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