Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parents Critter Conga Review

My mom and I were at Costco a few weeks ago and were checking out the toys. One of the toys that we absolutely loved was the Critter Conga percussion set. It is from the toy line of Parents Magazine.

Well imagine my surprise when we opened up the latest package from Team Mom and it was the exact toy that I had been looking at!


It is fantastic! It includes a leopard conga drum (which also doubles as the storage container for it all!) with a tambourine lid, a antelope slide whistle, snake drumsticks, elephant whistle, bird water whistle, monkey noise maker, giraffe maracas, and a crocodile cabasa and clacker.

Sara LOVES it because it is bright and colorful and makes noise. We love it because she gets to have a good time and improve her motor skills and memory at the same time!

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