Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Human Play and Learn Spoon Review

Sara is able to use spoons but she sometimes will still turn it over before she gets it to her mouth. We just received a Play and Learn Spoon by Baby Human. It is so fun! Sara loves it. She likes the feel of it, and is able to use it so easily. She also loves the colors. We actually have to wash it while she is sleeping because when she sees us put it in the dishwasher, she will get upset and want her "pretty poon".

I love it because it is BPA, phthalate and lead-free. I also love how flexible it is and that the curved handle aligns the spoon with her mouth.

The Play and Learn Spoon is designed to help your baby transition to a real spoon. As children transition from milk to food, they also become familiar with the feel and hand-eye coordination associated with using a spoon.

When children start to use their new skills to feed themselves, they have refined the tracking motion from plate to mouth, reducing frustration and increasing eating success!

The Play and Learn Spoon is made of durable rubber so it is safe to use as well as tough enough to keep up with busy toddler play. The unique handle, dual-headed design and lateral guards make self-feeding easy and safe.

Thanks to Family Review Network for the chance to try out this great spoon.

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