Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bright Star Kids Review and Discount

I always wanted to be able to decorate Sara's room really cute, but it seems like the decorating gene is just missing from my make-up. I am really creative, but for the life of me can not seem to decorate well. I always wanted Sara to have a fun, colorful cute room. So imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to review the Spots and Dots Wall Graphic from Bright Star Kids.

From the website (because this is a great description):
Decorating kids bedrooms is fun and easy with these colourful polka dot decals. You get loads of different coloured dots in a variety of sizes, so you can layer the smaller polka dots on top of the larger dots to get a funky look. When you're ready to re-decorate your kids bedroom or if you're moving house, you can easily remove and reuse these dot wall stickers.

I received 6 sheets with 96 wall decals. It was more than enough to decorate her entire room. And we can rearrange them whenever we want! They are so easy to use, you simply peel and stick. And they come off sure easy as well. I think I want to get Sara this one as well, what do you think?

One other thing that I was impressed with was that even though they are based in Australia, I received my wall graphics super quick!

And they are generously giving you guys a discount!
If you would like to try out the products, Bright Start Kids are offering 20% off their entire order. To use simply enter the promotional code FAMILYREVIEW into the Promotional Code section of the Shopping Cart and then press Submit. Valid until April 25.

Notes on using this code: The discount doesn't work with any automatic store discounts. For example if a person buys 2 or more Wall Graphic or Wall Letter kits, they will automatically get between 15 - 25% off. These products won't get the extra 20% off, but any other product that's in the order will.

Thanks to Family Review Network for the chance to try these awesome decorations.

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