Friday, July 17, 2009

Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner Review


I have posted this before (probably many times, LOL). I do not like to clean. I have a bucket with all sorts of cleaners- bathroom, kitchen, glass, wood. You get the point. And then I carry it around while I am cleaning. Hate it. So of course I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner.

And it really is a multi-surface cleaner. I used it to clean my kitchen counters, stove-top, wood dining room table and the inside of my kitchen windows. It worked great on all of them. It comes in two different scents: Rainshower and Lavendar Fresh. I tried Lavendar Fresh and I really like it. But I did find that it was a little strong since I used to clean up so many different surfaces.

Clean more. Faster.
When your home comes together, it's a beautiful place to be. But with so many different surfaces, it can be time-consuming to keep them all looking great. Now, with Pledge® Multi Surface, you can move from surface to surface, room to room, cleaning and dusting in no time at all. Get the streak-free clean of Pledge® Multi Surface and love all the surfaces in your home equally.

Safely cleans many surfaces:
Wood Wood Laminate Plastics Stainless Steel
Glass Mirrors Electronics Granite

* Easy to hold and easy to spray.
* Anti-static formula is great for cleaning electronics.
* Removes dust, dirt, and smudges.
* Is perfect for a streak-free clean.
* Does not leave a residue.

I would strongly recommend this product to everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I have just seen your TV ad for the first time. Initially, I thought I was reading......Clean, more, faster. As I sat down to write this email, I realized that you meant ...Clean, more! Faster. That is clear in this article. Could you check your TV ad as others like me might be concerned by the grammar and syntax. Maybe I missed some punctuation, but if not I would suggest it is corrected.

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It helps when you have the right products to go about cleaning.I am surprised to hear about this new product...will definitely try my hands on it.

Andrew said...

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