Monday, March 1, 2010

Cupcakes n' Sunshine Custom Crochet Hats Review


I love hats. Not for myself but for Sara. They look amazing on her. However she hates them. Absolutely will not wear them. So when my friend Shannie started Cupcakes N Sunshine I was totally thrilled. She makes the most amazing children's hats. We currently have 2 for Sara- a foofa hat and a pageboy style hat

Why do we have 2 for a child who hates hats? Because she loves the hats that Shannie made. They are just adorable and amazing. The hats that we have are acryllic but if someone wants an organic yarn, Shannie is happy to use their preference.


Children's hats are $20, unless wool or a higher end material is requested.
Adult hats are $30, with the same conditions as above

Back when Torryn was 4 months old, we switched to cloth diapers. After seeing how much people were charging for wool covers, I decided to just make my own, since I already knew how to crochet. Someone asked me if I could make them a hat and after that, more and more people started asking for them. This is my second year making hats and it just gets more fun with each and every order.

Hmmm, some sort of fun fact. Well, I taught myself how to crochet when I was 16. I was a spastic sort of kid (still am, really) and needed something to keep my hands busy. My Gran bought me a book, a set of hooks and some yarn and before to much longer, I was whipping out afgans and bits of lace.

I really enjoy working on custom hats, like Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba and the like because they keep me from relying on patterns.

Turn around time for a hat is normally 1-2 weeks. Larger orders tend to take more time, as do complex hats, such as character hats. Rush orders can always be turned around quickly for a small rush fee.

I can not stress enough how wonderful these hats are. Sara wears her foofa hat constantly. We are always getting stopped so people can ask where I got it. I actually started to carry Shannie's card with me to give out to people. Head on over to Cupcakes N Sunshine right now to check it out. I promise you will love it.

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