Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do you ChaCha? (search engine)

Have you all heard of ChaCha?
It is a is a search engine that pays human guides to answer questions for users. This is a technique known as social searching.

As a guide you earn $0.15 per search that you complete.
I signed up as a guide a few weeks ago and have really had a chance to play around with it this weekend. So far the search take between a few seconds and a few minutes. And I have made $15. And the best part is that I can do it whenever, so when I am making tutus or writing blog posts, I can also be searching. Let me tell you that anything I can do to make money while I am doing something else...well I love it! As a busy mommy, I am always multitasking and this is just another way that I do it!

Head over to ChaCha if you are interested in being a guide. I would appreciate it if you used me as the referral. My email address is Also leave me a comment and let me know what you think ChaCha and if you signed up.

Also stay tuned, tomorrow I have contest winners to announce as well as a new giveaway!

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1 comment:

Ginny said...

I never heard of it. I just signed up, hopefully they will accept me. I used your email :)