Friday, July 25, 2008

I Did Not Make the Cut!

First, I know this is about my tutus, but I felt like it was more appropriate over here since it almost felt review-like (at least to me).
Second, I do realize that this is just me having a pity party, but darn it, I deserve it! So if you are not in the mood for some whining, you probably want to stop reading now.
Third, I do realize that I am unabashedly (am I using that word right?...must checked and I think I am) asking for comments and really, I am okay with that. So here goes.

I am disappointed. Really disappointed. Really really really disappointed. I applied for a local Arts and Craft Fair called Crafty Bastards it is sponsored by the Washington City Paper. And I just got an email that I did not in.

Apparently I am not crafty enough. I know that there were over 400 applicants and only 95 spaces. But darn it, I really wanted to get in (insert whiny voice). I read over how they wanted the application to go and I sent them super cute pictures of tutus and kids in tutus. And I make really neat tutus, they are fun and different (at least I think they are different) than ballerina tutus (not that there is anything wrong with ballerina tutus, I just make different ones).

From the website:
What kinds of crafts will I find?
Reconstructed clothing, punk rock baby clothes, handcrafted jewelry, whimsical and demented plush toys, handspun yarn, screen-printing, pottery, furniture, avant-garde art and so much more!

I totally fall into this category (stomping my feet in frustration). I know that I have done other ones, and there are people who actually ask me to do their fairs, but I wanted to do this one (stomp, stomp). It is juried which means that it is judged by my peers. And that was really important to me. Sigh...

Anyway, I had to get my frustration and disappointment out and now I was hoping for some love. If you have a Sara Rose Tutu and you love it or even if you just love to look at them online, leave me a comment and let me know please. Heck, even if you don't love them but want to make me feel better, leave me a comment and make something up.

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misty said...

I think your tutus are beautiful.

Ginny said...

Oh I'm so sorry! That really sucks, your tutus should have been included. I'm such a sucker for tutus, how can they not be, hmmm? Well it is there loss!

mom2tictacs said...

I love your tutu's Stacy! heck I don't even have any girls and I've ordered 2! LOL. they obviously don't know good taste when they see it! celebrities like your tutus, what do those Washington Craft Bastards know anyways?!?

(was that good enough, lol??)

Love ya!

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Thanks ladies!

Jennifer said...

I love your stuff! LOVE IT!! Even though I don't have ours yet, I still love them!

Seeryus Mama said...

Those people don't know what they are missing out on! I drool over your tutus quite a lot! They are so gorgeous!