Monday, August 18, 2008

Buy a Sara Rose Tutu and Help Out a Charity

I have had the idea for awhile that I would like to find someway to be able to use my tutus to give to charity, and I finally figured it out.

Every 6 months, I will be picking a charity to work with. I will design a special tutu using the colors of the charity and then I will donate 30% of the proceeds of each tutu to that charity.

For example, the first charity that I will be working with is The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through the Friends of Heroes team. When you purchase one of the special LLS tutus, 30% of the proceeds from the tutu will then go to LLS through theFriends of Heroes team.

The special LLS tutu red and black tulle with a black ribbon waistband.
Pricing is as follows (does not include shipping):
Newborn- $18
Infant -$20
Child Size 3-4- $25
Child Size 5-6-$27.50
Child Size 7-8- $30
Child Size 10-12- $32
Adult Sizes- varying by size


If you would like your charity to be our next charity, please contact me at

I am also looking to find someone who can make me an animated 125x125 button for the charity tutu. Please email me at with pricing

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Kristin said...

Those are fabulous I love my ok well kai loves her tutu!