Monday, August 25, 2008

Grey's Harbor Designs- Matching Name Hangings and Blankets

I love stuff with Sara Rose's name on it. I think she has a wonderful name (obviously since we picked it, but I digress). We have all sorts of wooden letters that spell her name, and they are all lovely, but they are all so similar. I was looking for something different and not having any luck.

So I was super excited when one of my online mommy friends, Sarah, put out the call for testers for her name hangings and blankets. She makes handmade name hangings using using flannel cutout letters sewn onto muslin using matching thread. She then upholsters this and hangs it with matching 1" ribbon. Here is Sara Rose's:


You can buy either the name hanging or the name hanging with a blanket from Grey's Harbor Designs. We got both as you can see from the picture. And I was expecting a small little blanket, but it is so big! Much bigger than normal receiving blankets. It is flannel, double-sided and so soft. She also offers the option of substituting the second side with minky. Ahhhh....that is going to be amazing.

This would make a PERFECT baby-shower gift. Or a great first birthday gift for that matter. Oh my goodness, I have all these people that I want to buy them for now running through my head.

So head on over to Grey's Harbor Designs right now.

Appearance- 5
Customer Service-5
Cost- 5
Quality- 5

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