Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunny's Adventures by Leketha Marie Johnson

Another children’s book that I was lucky enough to receive for review was Sunny’s Adventures by Leketha Marie Johnson.

Sunny is a spunky, fun little girl who solves mysteries in her neighborhood. The case of the missing puppy, the care of the missing turtle, the cooking contest mystery, the case of the missing doll, and the disappearing diamond ring are all cases that Sunny is able to solve using her quick thinking and by following the clues.

Sara Rose is a little young for the book, but I did read it to my neighbor's kids and they LOVED it. They got so excited when Sunny solved the mysteries. And they really understood what was going on and were able to follow the story really well. At the end of every adventure there is an opportunity to discuss what the clues were and how they helped Sunny.

So I read it the first time. And then they wanted me to read it again. I ended up leaving the book with them so that their parents could continue to read it to them, over and over. We are hoping to get it back for Sara Rose in a year or so.

Check out the website to find a downloadable coloring book, join Sunny's fan club, and more. There is also information on the website for teachers and parents.

Make sure you check out Leketha’s blog as well.

Appearance- 5
Customer Service-5
Cost- 5
Quality- 5

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