Saturday, January 17, 2009 Review

Here is another website to help you keep that New Year's resolution about getting organized. Qlubb is a great service for busy moms!

When you sign up, you get your own homepage, mine is called Derrick Family and I am using it to keep all of our appointments organized. You get a secure, private site, a public webpage, group event calendar with reminders, shared to-do lists with reminders, group invites/RSVP's, file sharing, and more!

Qlubb is the easiest way to get your real-life groups organized and on the same page. Between our children's classrooms, scout troops, religious groups, social groups, book/wine clubs and families, we are constantly running around trying to plan and coordinate our group activities. Too often, organizing is just simply a source of headaches and undue stress.

Just IMAGINE, with Qlubb, you can:
• Easily organize group events and activities online
• Eliminate email back-and-forth
• Eliminate reminders and nags of events and responsibilities
• Easily delegate tasks to members
• Easily create a secure website for your group

Qlubb is a must for the busy mommy.

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