Sunday, January 18, 2009

Signature Sensuality Review

Disclaimer: This review is for adults, (the site being reviewed is extremely tasteful and has nothing explicit or graphic on it but it is still for adults only) If you are younger than 18 (or think you may be offended by this), please stop reading now and tune back in tomorrow for another review. Thanks!

I'll admit, I have been pondering how to do this review for sometime. I think it is really important to let you all know about this, but did not want to offend anyone. Hopefully my disclaimer (and this part which is sort of another disclaimer) will help. The site I am about to post a review about is a site that sells adult toys and books. It is very tasteful and there is nothing explicit or graphic, but it still is a site that sells adult toys and books. If this is not a review you want to read, again, please tune in tomorrow for another review. Thanks!

For those of you who are interested, here you go!

I was contacted by Lauren who is the founder of Signature Sensuality. She just recently started her business selling adult sensual toys and books. She specializes in toys and body products that are organic, chemical free (no parabens, petroleum, or glycerin) and toy materials must be body safe, latex free and she have some that are
environmentally friendly being either rechargeable or renewable.

From the email she sent me:
"I do not sell movies, but I do sell erotic literature. All the packaging on my products must be tasteful and non- graphic as well. Even the toys themselves are not realistic or extremely phallic by design. I cater to busy moms trying to reclaim
intimacy with their partners, help women who have sexual issues and offer an open and appealing environment where women can ask questions and shop without feeling deviant. I market through women's health professionals as well as marriage and sex therapists and strive to provide a feminine approach to a world long dominated and marketed to
by men.
Toys are not for every couple, but I can say that those who try them with their partner find it is the perfect addition to any household with a busy mommy:) I am just getting started, having been in business since July of this year. Most of my business is through home parties at the moment and I am hopeful the web business can
support my choice to stay home with the kids."

Right now she has some great specials running for Valentine's Day! What a great way to spice up the holiday!

Having a healthy sex life (whether it is just you or you and your partner) is very important to all busy mommies, so please check out her site and her blog for more information about her products.

And please let me know what you think about me posting this review. Are you comfortable with me posting other items that are for adults?

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Erika said...

Sex is an INCREDIBLY important part of a relationship. All too often, once we become mommies, making love to our partners gets put on the back burner. The number one reason men file for divorce is lack of intimacy. I'm so glad you did this review! Wonderful information! Thank you!