Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Last Straw Review

I was recently contacted by Heather who said, "My husband has invented a no-spill juice box straw. It is ready for market and we would love for you to try it! Our goal is to create a “mommy movement” of sorts so that the big juice box brands will want to replace their straws with ours." The product is called "The Last Straw"


From their website:
What is it?
"The Last Straw" is an enhancement to the centuries old drinking straw. Unlike the common drinking straw found on juiceboxes, The Last Straw is designed to prevent the spills and squirts that commonly occur with juice boxes and pouches.
How does it work?
We have reinvented the traditional juice box straw by attaching a flexible valve to the end of the straw. The valve stops liquid from coming out when the container is squeezed, tipped over or held upside down. To drink, put the straw to your lips, simply sip as you normally would and juice is released.

As always, anything that will help Sara Rose not make a mess is definitely worth trying out and I told Heather to send us some. So they sent us our samples, and I am embarrassed to say that they have just been sitting here. We finally gave them a shot this week.

Sara Rose is not the best juice box drinker, sometimes she will drop it, squeeze it too hard. I have seen her step on them before (no, I have no idea why she thinks this is a good idea).

We gave her a box of apple juice and replaced the straw that it came with, with The Last Straw. Until we knew how it worked we actually kept her in the kitchen (easier to clean if she spills there). It was wonderful, she dranks some, and then dropped it on the floor- no spills. Decided that her baby doll needed to have a drink and tried to squeeze some onto baby- no mess. She did not step on it this time, (and I did not want to encourage her to do that)so I can't tell you about how it would have done with being stepped on. But I can tell you that we LOVE it! It actually works really really well!

I strongly suggest you go over to their site and their blog to get more information and find out how you can help the big juice box companies aware of it and help to make less messes! Yay!

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