Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WordWorld: Where Words Come Alive Review

We LOVE WordWorld. I think it is one of the best educational programs for children that I have seen. And there is actually research that proves that it a great educational resource.

A US Department of Education funded study found that WordWorld significantly strengthens early literacy skills in preschoolers, providing the building blocks essential for learning how to read.

Overall gains from the study demonstrate that regardless of demographic, children developed important early literacy skills by watching WordWorld during the trial period. Key findings include:

· Children doubled their oral vocabulary skills of words featured in WordWorld

· Children tripled their ability to read specific words featured and built in WordWorld

· Children in disadvantaged households where English is a second language showed gains in phonemic awareness, as well as oral vocabulary and reading words featured in WordWorld

The best part- Sara Rose LOVES it too. We were lucky enough to review WordWorld Lucky Duck which included 4 great episodes and 4 Build-a-Word Songs. In fact, I can hear her downstairs, watching the DVD with her daddy right now and she is laughing and clapping and saying the words (well some of the words) with the characters.

For those of you not familiar with WordWorld, it is a place where words come alive. It is a colorful, word-rich place where a whacky troupe of WordFriends who are characters first and words second, go on comic adventures. Our favorite part of WordWorld is when it is time to "build a word". We like to sing the song and then help them pick the letters to build the word.

We’re super excited that WordWorld is presenting a special Valentine’s Day episode beginning Feb 13th which also launches their second season on PBS. You can bet that we’ll be tuned in and you should too!

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