Sunday, March 1, 2009

JOHNSON'S NO MORE TEARS 50th Anniversary Review


We have always LOVED Johnson's baby products at our house. I actually remember when my sister was a baby, one of my big thrills was to help my mom give her a bath, and she would use Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo. I remember how clean and baby-fresh it always made her. And I remember thinking that I would someday be using it on my daughter.

I remember the first bath that I gave Sara where I washed her hair and I was excited to use Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo on her (I know that I am dork). I just felt like it was one of those rights of passage that I was now using it on my daughter. And I did not realize until I was a mom myself how important the "No More Tears" part is.

Sara loves the bath. In fact, I think she may be part fish. And while I am thrilled that she loves the bath, sometimes it makes it difficult to wash her hair without getting shampoo in her eyes. Actually it is far more common for me to get shampoo all over her head (face included) than not. And she does not mind.

One of my favorite products that Johnson's makes is the head to toe wash. I love that you can use the same product for the whole body. And now they have come out with a new Head to toe Foaming Wash in an easy, convenient pump-and-foam form. I was so excited to be able to review this. It is great because you can use one hand to pump and you don't have to smoosh it around in the other hand to get a good lather. You just pump and it is already foaming. It is perfect when you have a squirmy child.

Another new product that I LOVE is the baby bubble bath and wash. I love bubble baths. And I also love to take a bath with Sara. But I have been so sad that I could not find a bubble bath that I was comfortable to use with Sara. So I was very excited when I received a bottle of it to review. We love it. We use it when we take a bath together and when Sara takes one on her own.

Also be sure to check out Johnson's Baby Channel on YouTube for great baby tips.

Thanks to Mom Central and Johnson's for this great review opportunity

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jceko77 said...

Our family loves Juhnson baby products, especially their detangler