Monday, April 13, 2009

Dr. Hippo's The Moose With the Loose Poops Review

We absolutely loved this book. Sara really enjoyed the story and stayed interested. She thought it was funny at times and was concerned if he could go on his camping trip (she said, Oh no. It was too funny.) The way that it is written is geared toward children, but there is actually a lot of good information about gastroenteritis in it. I was really impressed.

I also really like the Parent Guide that is with it. I know that I still have a hard time figuring out when to call the doctor for Sara and what is the best way to make her comfortable.

From the website:
Dr. Hippo's The Moose With Loose Poops is the story of four-year-old Miles who develops a tummy ache while on a family picnic in Maine. His planned camping trip with Papa (complete with canoeing and fishing) is postponed when throwing up (oops!) and diarrhea (loose poops) develop. Mama, Papa and Lucy Moose take excellent care of Miles at home. Of course, they are helped by their kindly pediatrician, Dr. Hippo, who advises that fluid is the best medicine for Miles.

In this story for children ages 2-7, The Moose with Loose Poops, author Dr. Charlotte Cowan offers a clear and child-friendly explanation of gastroenteritis. A board-certified pediatrician, she captures the misery of tummy aches, caused first by vomiting and then by diarrhea, and writes to educate, entertain and comfort her small readers—as well as their parents.

Known as the Dr. Hippo Series, this collection of stories includes other books about: an elephant with an earache, a polar bear with a cold, a frog with a fever of 104, and a giraffe with a sore throat. Each adorable animal gets (and gets over) his or her illness with the help of a kindly pediatrician hippopotamus named Dr. Hippocrates.

Each book in the Dr. Hippo Series is 32 pages, hard cover, full color and includes a separate laminated Parent Guide written in question/answer format. The Parent Guide answers common questions like: “How can I keep my child comfortable?” and “When should I call the doctor?”

I am really excited to get the rest of the books in the Dr. Hippo series. I think they will be really valuable to help explain to Sara what is going on when she is sick.

Thanks to the Family Review Network for the chance to review this book.

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Charlotte cowan, M.D. said...

Hi Stacy:

WOW! Thanks for your excellent review of my book, "The Moose with Loose Poops!" It meant a great deal to me to learn that your daughter enjoyed it--complete with her concern about poor Miles having to cancel his camping trip. :) Of course I am glad that you also found it helpful.

I would be delighted to send along the other books in the series if you would like to see them.

Thank you again for your kind words!
Charlotte Cowan, M.D.