Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leslie Patricelli Book Review


Sara Rose was throwing a fit a few days ago. As I was trying and trying to distract her and make her a little happier, I happened to grab Baby Happy Baby Sad by Leslie Patricelli that I had just received in the mail. And I started to read it. And then there was silence. Sara absolutely LOVED it. I read it probably 10 times that first sitting. The next day Hubby called me because he was so tickled- Sara had picked up the book and was pointing to the pages and saying- Baby Happy Baby Sad according to what was on each page. He was a really proud daddy. So needless to say we absolutely love this book and read it at least once a day, usually more.

We also received Higher! Higher! and love that as well. Leslie's books are silly and fun and playful and teach toddlers and children while engaging them as well. We absolutely recommend them to everyone!

About Leslie Patricelli:
* Leslie is the author and illustrator of a delightful series of bright and engaging children's board books and full-length picture books. Leslie's unique and engaging artwork is always bright and accessible.
* All the books star a diaper-clad baby giving a fresh take on everyday activities- from extolling love for a blankie to demonstrating "contrasts" such as big and little, quiet and loud, and yummy and yucky.
* Titles include: Binky, Blankie, BIG Little, Quiet LOUD, Yummy YUCKY, The Birthday Box, Baby Happy Baby Sad, and Higher! Higher!

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