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This year I have decided that in addition to finding products that will save me time as a busy mommy, I also need to find things that will save me money as well.

I was pretty thrilled to find Alice.com Alice is a website that you can go to in order to manage all of your home essentials, find the best prices online, eliminate emergency store trips, get automatic coupons on 1000's of products and best of all- shipping is always free.

When you sign up for Alice.com if you do it from a referral, you can get a code for $10 off once you have purchased $50. We happen to need some household supplies so we figured that we would give Alice a try. We bought toilet paper, paper towels, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, deodorant, floor cleaner for the cats. Alice applied $7.15 in coupons for us. I also used my $10 code since it came to over $50 (and of course shipping is always free). My subtotal (without tax) was $52.12, the total I paid was $37.68. Am I so happy? Absolutely. We placed our order on the 28th and received our order on the 4th. I am pretty sure it is normally quicker but the holiday slowed it down.

Another great thing with Alice.com is that you can set it to give you reorder alerts so that when you need something new, Alice will remind you about it. And there is a section to help with budgetting. You can search for your items by entering the name, or by room. And they do have green/organic products as well.

I don't have a giveaway with this one, but if you sign using my referral link you can get the $10 off coupon to apply once you have spent $50. And you do not need to spend the $50 all at once. It will be applied to your account once you have spent $50, so if it takes 1 month or 6, it does not matter. Let me know what you think.
Alice is here to help

Let’s face it; you can probably think of a thousand things you’d rather do than drive to the store again and again for toilet paper, toothpaste, trash bags and the dozens of other home essentials that keep your home running. We can too. That’s why we started Alice.

The Internet has changed the way we shop for things like books, clothing, shoes and electronics. We buy online for the convenience and the power we have to get product reviews, choose brands, see price comparisons, and make better choices.

But when it comes to home essentials, we still trudge off to the store, load up the cart, and haul a trunk-load of stuff out the parking lot. Why? Because no one has come up with an efficient, cost-effective way to buy these goods online. Until now.

Alice provides you a better way to manage all of your household essentials online. You tell Alice what you buy—choosing from great deals on 1000’s of products—and Alice goes to work. We organize all of your products, find coupons and deals for you, remind you when you might be running low, and help you order just the items you need so you can avoid that trip to the corner drugstore or the big-box store. Best of all, you won’t over pay for the power and convenience of Alice. In addition to free shipping on every order, you’ll find great prices too.

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