Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Bellwethers- Dryer Balls, Unique upcycled and earth friendly goods

So recently one of my friends, Diana decided to start making dryer balls.  I had heard a little bit about dryer balls before but had never purchased any and figured this was a good time to buy some.

I bought 6 non scented dryer balls from Bellwethers.  Diana's customer service is amazing.  I had a problem with some of the dryer balls and she replaced them immediately.  I know that is hard for a small business to do, but she earned my business forever because of it.  We LOVE our dryer balls that we have right now.  

They have cut our dryer time by about 25-40% (which I love since it saves us money!).  They have reduced the static and work great on our cloth diapers as well.

Bellwethers Dryer balls are hand crafted from eco friendly, 100% virgin wool.  They can be scented or non scented.

Bellwethers has since expanded from dryer balls to all sorts of unique up-cycled and earth friendly goods.  It is definitely worth your while to check it out. 

ABOUT THE COMPANY:  Bellwethers has been an evolution in progress for Diana.  She started out by hand crafting 100% virgin wool dryer balls and has since really branched out into the upcycling world.  Her products are unique and amazing.  You can't imagine how many beautiful creations you can remake from simple neckties, t-shirts, old sweaters, buttons and old jeans!

ABOUT THE OWNER:   Diana lives in Shepherdstown, WV with her 2 boys, Logan and Rhys and her wonderful husband Claudio.  She is trying to live her life long dream of having her own small business.  She recently found fiber arts and fell in love with all the things that can be done with wool.  Since having children, her perspective has changed and she now puts on emphasis on being "green".  Wool is definitely a renewable resource and has so many uses.  
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