Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Gift-Giving: Gift cards!!!

We LOVE gift cards in this house (both giving and receiving), so I was excited when I saw that SocialMom and GiftCardsRock were looking for some bloggers to write about gift cards.

I am normally a last minute shopper.  You know- the shopper who is running all over the night before the holidays start trying to figure out what to get people.  I always have lots of great ideas but then I can never decide what that perfect present will be.  So more often than not, we will get someone a gift card to a store or shop that we know they love. 

This year I have noticed that many retailers have a deal with their gift cards- when you purchase a gift card for someone else, you will get a little gift card for yourself for example.  And my gas station offered me fuel discounts when buying gift cards in grocery stores nationwide through fuel savings programs. I love it!

I also love that some of my credit card companies will let me trade my points in for gift cards.  I have a couple credit cards that will let me trade in for giftcards which is just fantastic since I can get anything I want there.

Sara (my 4 year old) LOVES getting gift cards.  This year she actually decided that when people called to ask her what she wanted for Hanukkah that we would let them know we are saving up to go to DisneyWorld next year and that we would love a gift card to go towards that.  She knows that it will help her get towards her goal and because she is getting something tangible, she still feels like she has gotten something really cool and it makes her really happy. 

I looked online to find some neat gift card tips:

One of my favorite tips that I found was to decorate the wrapping for the gift card.  This is one of the hardest things for me about gift cards since they usually don't get wrapped up fancy like other gifts so I absolutely love this idea.  Someone even used a plantable card to house their gift card to a nursery.  How clever is that!

I also found out that there are lots of places where you can purchase a gift card for charity in someone's name for the holidays.  I think this is such a nice idea.  I may have to do this next year for some people.

Gift Cards Rock! is an online community for people who love to give and receive gift cards.  If you need some help this holiday season head on over and I am sure there will be tons of suggestions, as well as sharing of great deals and exciting gift-giving tips. Click on the like button and then head on over to their facebook page!

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