Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Safe Winter Driving Tips

I hate winter driving.  I actually hate driving in any sort of bad weather, but winter driving is my least favorite.  I feel like I am not in control of the situation because weather is so unpredictable.  I was actually really happy to see that Esurance had put a bunch of helpful safe winter driving tips on their blog.  While I am obviously still not in control of the weather, with these tips, I can feel like I am in control of being as prepared as possible.  These are my favorite tips from Esurance:

1.  When you are expecting icy/snowy conditions it is a great idea to keep a bag of sand (or kitty litter) in your car.  I keep a gladware container with some right near the front seat so if I need to get out and it is icy, I can just put some down as I walk.

2.  Of course when you are expecting the roads to be icy or snowy, you would want to drive slowly and cautiously.  Make sure you are leaving enough space in front of your cars.

3.  If it is hailing it is suggested that you get under an overpass if you can.  We don't really see too much hail in my area, so this is not really something that I have worried about.

4.  Something I did not know until I read the Esurance blog was that you are not supposed to use cruise control in the rain.  Driving with it can lull you in a false sense of security and cut down on your response time. 

5.  Black ice is something that we do see around here.  It is always something to watch out for, but normally you don't know it is there until you feel yourself skidding.  If that happens, then you are supposed to release the gas ped and turn into the direction of the skid without slamming on the breaks.

6.  Keep a winter car kit.  This is a kit that you should have in case you get stuck.  Esurance recommends you have the following in your winter car kit:  chains, jumper cables, cat litter, shovel, basic tool kit, flashlight, warm clothes, food and water, first aid kit, AM/FM radio (battery- powered) and a book.  We also keep some spare diapers in our car, just in case as well.

If you are a smart driver, no matter the weather conditions, it will make it much easier to be a safe driver. 

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auto carrier said...

Tips for driving are good as long as the car is good and supports new drivers. Keep the car checked for performance and tyres condition too.

Good post



Auto Transport City said...

Thumbs up for the great article, Driving in winter is much difficult as compared to other seasons. Totally agree with this article.