Friday, June 13, 2008

Love is...New Additions To The Family- A Blog Review

So this is my first review that is not for a product but for a blog. Love is...New Additions To The Family is the brain-child of a group of friends. They are all mommies of toddlers and all of us have 4+ children. I found it because one of the mommies is my blogger friend, Debi. I found Debi's blog one day in my web-travels and was instantly hooked- she is mom to 9 kids, including toddler twins & 3 teenagers and she is just spectacular. So when she told me about this blog she was doing with other women like her, I knew that I HAD to start reading it.
The idea behind Love is...New Additions To The Family is to give you their best kept secrets, remedies, recipes, finds and whatever else has helped them along the way with raising multiples in a house full of children & love. They blog about recipes, money saving tips, behavior solutions, etc.
Head on over there and check them out!
(you can find a button for their blog on the right-hand side of our blog)

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BoufMom9 said...

Thanks Stacy!
:) Debi