Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cherished Dreams- Quilts and Blog

One of the social networks that I belong to is Skwiggazine. There is a blog-ring that I am part of and each week, I will be posting about a different member.

I know, I know I just posted about the blog-ring. But I was looking back and realized that I completely missed a week and that means that I completely missed talking about a person. Karen- I am so sorry! So let me tell you a bit about Karen from Cherished Dreams. Karen makes quilts. Absolutely gorgeous quilts. Here is a quilt that she made for the Hoffman Challenge quilt project.

Karen, we wish you the best!

In addition to the quilts, she also has a blog post about redoing the main floor of her house with bamboo flooring. Amazingly enough I was just talking to Hubby about how we needed to fix up our house. I will have to look into bamboo flooring. Thanks Karen!

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