Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bugalug Baby-Stay-put accessories for the Urban Girl

I have previously posted that I love hairclips and accessories. We were recently given the chance to try out some Bugalug Baby hair accessories. We received a pair of clips in the “Jelly Bean Widestripe” pattern, as well as a headband in the “Flower Power Dots” style to try out.

The hair clips are so cute! And they have this great silicon gel grip that is on the inside of the clip. It is this gel grip that keeps it in Sara's hair as she runs all over the place.

And let me tell you about the headband- it is awesome! The design of it is just ingenious. Both ends of the ribbon are threaded through a plastic clip that slides up and down so that the fit can be easily adjusted. Amazing, right? So basically this is a headband that can fit any size child. And when you put it on you can then use the clip to tighten it so that it fits snuggly on your child's head.

I would strongly suggest heading on over to Bugalug Baby now and getting some cute hair accessories for your little girls.

Appearance- 5
Customer Service-5
Cost- 5
Quality- 5

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